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Some of our unique features for white label bookings

Key Features

Add your branding

Simply add your logo and change the colors and fonts, and your business can use the app’s full white label booking software seamlessly within your current client experience.

Single sign-on solution

Missed.com does so many things that you’ll instantly have your “own” whitelabel app for: scheduling, video calls, document sharing, payment processing, and more.

Cloud documentation

Store all documents you need in the app, then link them easily to your personal appointments through the white label application interface. Customer management has never been so easy.

Scheduling workflows

Personalize the scheduling solutions you want your account to support, including requiring payment at the time of a booking, plus unique lead and buffer times, etc.

Focus On What You Do Best

Developers and other businesses don’t have time to get into the weeds of developing their own online booking software for small business, especially when an exceptional whitelabel mobile app like Missed.com is out there. Deliver what you do best and white label Missed.com to do the rest.

Even More Customizable

At its base, a white label solution has to be highly customizable. Missed.com can be adjusted down to every detail, from personalized booking workflows to payment processing and branding for a truly seamless integration into your brand.

Grow Your Business Without More Work

When you white label Missed.com, you make it your “own” and get all the benefits that come with it. It’s like you developed a multifunctional system for your brand by yourself…except you didn’t have to!

More Than Just A Scheduling Software…

Missed.com can be white labeled for any (or all) of its remote tools, including the integrated calendars and personalized booking links, shared document libraries, video conferencing, payment processing, workspaces and more.

Provide end users with a beautiful (and intuitive) interface

Missed.com is so easy to customize that all you have to do is change the logo, fonts, and colors, and it’s yours.

Products powered by Missed.com:

When 27 offices of this immmigration agency had to go remote, we implemented video conferencing on their website in under a week.

When the popular events discovery app pivoted to virtual events after the pandemic, we quickly built video chat on top of their apps and websites.

Telehealth Platforms

We power more than 30 different hospitals and clinics throughout the world that are now providing telemedicine.

Get your calls recorded and sent to your email right away

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With your enterprise software service account, the following services are available:

Customizable Appointment Booking

You can completely personalize Missed.com for your own business or as a developer creating solutions for clients. Add the right logo and personalize the online booking experience, then create a custom workflow that works for your business and customers.

Got Security?

We believe security is even more important when white labeling our software because it’s representing another brand. We encrypt all the data that passes through Missed.com so you can use it for any and all business purposes with the confidence you deserve.

Leads From Social Media In One Place

Keep all your leads from social media in one place with every other source. Share your personalized and branded scheduling link on social and personalize the text in your bio, too. Leads are all put on the same online calendar for you.

Success Doesn’t Come Easily, But Your Online Scheduling Does

Missed.com can be white labeled to offer brands and developers the flexibility and automations they need for an extraordinary end-user scheduling experience, including the built-in white label mobile apps.

Powerful Payments With No External Solutions

Payment processing is seamless on Missed.com, meaning you don’t have to mess with any additional external providers. Build payment processing right into your booking workflow, or process payments manually behind our state-of-the-art encryption.

Why Missed.com? Your multifunctional digital system:

Ease of use

If you don’t have time for the “email volley” to book service appointments, you don’t have time to learn a new system, either. Missed.com is so intuitive that you don’t even have to think, just log in and get started, even on white label iOS app and Android systems.


The API scheduling software does more than bookings, too. Collaborate with clients or colleagues or other partners in devoted workspaces that are secure and user-specific. Manage shared documents, meetings, reminders and more.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing comes baked into the Missed.com white label appointment booking software. Launch video calls right from the URL in your calendar reminders, and enjoy each HD video call with almost a dozen interactive resources.

All calendars, one dashboard

Use your Missed.com dashboard to manage multiple calendars. Log into your account and see a synopsis of your appointment and scheduling hours and other remote solutions. All your bookings are updated in real time whenever there’s a change.

Whiteboard with video conferencing

Video conferencing on Missed.com comes with almost a dozen features you can use for even better customer appointments. “Wow” your clients with the interactive whiteboard and create shared documents for more engaging and effective calls.


A white label scheduling software is only as good as it is customized, which is why our app offers so many personalizations. Provide online booking completely personalized to your brand’s logo, “look,” and your own availability and preferences.

Secure and safe

It’s not just your security at stake, it’s also that of any client you use your white labeled remote tools for, which is why Missed.com comes with the best encryption technology out there. Online scheduling has never been so secure.

[your] White Label Video Calls Scheduling

Track your availability for web meetings, schedule your events efficiently and get reminded via 5+ways even if you are offline

Scalable Remote Solutions for Industries

Learn how Missed.com Use Cases apply for different industries

Corporate offices

74% of companies plan to shift employees to remote work forever. To maintain productivity, they need a multifunctional digital solution. Missed.com is the universal white label appointment scheduling solution for businesses.


Up to 89% of patients now see telemedicine as a valuable form of medical care. With the innovative and HIPAA-compliant solutions on Missed.com, healthcare services can confidently take that next step into the digital era.


Around 59% of the U.S. e-learning market is based on content-rich online learning platforms. Interaction and live instruction are still key, however, and Missed.com comes with 10 integrated tools for education.

Beauty & personal care

99% of women want to look younger, and the number of men who want the same has grown, too. Skincare specialists need a single platform to connect with each customer on a regular basis, and Missed.com provides all the scheduling and video conferencing tools they need.

Sports & leisure

After COVID-19, many people are more interested in health and exercise—and just as many are now more comfortable with online guided classes. We offer our multifunctional videoconferencing tool with all the features you need to automate your scheduling and conduct effective and easy training.


Scheduling and processing payments both take the lion’s share of a freelancer’s time some days, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Used Missed.com as your flexible and scalable online booking tool with 40+ integrated features to create an exceptional customer experience, all under your own brand and logo.

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