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iOS and Android conference calls made anywhere

Take or make video calls anywhere you have Wifi or data. Whether you’re a full-time remote worker or are just out of the office on a doughnut run, gives you access to all our video conferencing functionalities for FREE on our mobile apps.

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Use our FREE conference call app for Android and iPhone with all these features

No more juggling Zoom, Google Calendar, Calendly, PayPal and Dropbox! is the one-stop FREE screenshare software that offers all the virtual meeting tools you need in one place.

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Mobile Screen Sharing

Use the mobile screen sharing app to share your smartphone or tablet screens or provide remote access.

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Online Booking System

Create a personal booking link that others can use to self-schedule video conferences with you.

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HD Video Conferencing for up to 15 Users

From online business meetings to training and events, video calls on give you more flexibility for your online meetings.

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Secure Payment Processing

No more using five solutions for one job! Securely process payments (one-time and recurring) directly from the iOS or Android app.

Instant mobile video conferencing

Set up a free account and you can instantly use to meet face-to-face with anyone in the world. Try the conference call app for Android or iOS now, no strings attached!

Share your mobile screen is the mobile screen sharing app giving you full flexibility to run any meeting or virtual event without the stress of finding the nearest computer. Our full suite of functions—like screen sharing, integrated calendars and remote access—are all available on the Android and iOS mobile apps, too.

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The mobile video conference app that can process payments

You can securely process payments through Stripe over video conferences on, even from the mobile app while you’re out and about. The app also enables you to generate and track invoices.

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Secure mobile video conferencing believes security is extra important when you’re using public networks. We encrypt all the data that crosses over your mobile video conference so you can run each video call on Android or iPhone without concern.

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Record video conferences

Just like desktop-initiated video calls, you can record your mobile video conferences along with the audio plus any screen sharing. Recordings are securely stored inside your account and are available only to you, but you can choose to share specific recordings, too.

record any web conference calling on Android / iPhone by video conferencing app

Cross-device compatibility and control

You can host or join meetings on mobile and then move to desktop—or vice versa—all without interrupting the video call.

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How mobile video conferencing works

download video conference call app for iPhone or Android
Download the app

Download the video conference app for iOS or Android. It’s totally free.

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Start a video call

Once you create your free account, you can schedule or start iPhone or Android conference calls on-demand. Send participants the direct link to connect.

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Enjoy the flexibility of a full conference call app

Once your video call is live, you can enjoy the mobile screen sharing app, in-app payments, call recordings and all our other video conferencing features.

Enterprise solutions for businesses

Your business can enjoy greater collaboration, more efficient meetings, easier training and LOADS of money saved using and its mobile-capable video meetings.

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Better Meetings

Kick cancellations to the curb now that participants (and the host) can log in from wherever they are.

online whiteboard during screen sharing from video conference app

Better Collaboration’s conference call app for Android or iPhone includes a multi-player whiteboard for “anywhere” collaborations.

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Calendar Integrations

You can integrate your video calls into your online calendars to easily schedule and join conference calls on Android or iPhone.

remote work software video conference app tools with easy integration

Better Tools video conferencing solutions include the full suite of online meeting tools that elevate every video conference call with iPhone or Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mobile conferences include a mobile screen sharing app?

Yes! You’re no longer required to lug around your laptop every time you have a meeting to attend. Instead, use mobile and you’ll enjoy the full features of our conference calling on iPhone or Android, wherever you are.

What if my cell phone data is lousy?

We always say you can use on any device as long as you have Wifi or tower data, but sometimes that data is lousy. Our conference call app for Android and iOS includes intelligent bandwidth management so your call can find the path of least resistance to a clear, dependable signal for your video calls.

What do iOS or Android conference calls cost me? is free, including both its mobile apps. All you have to do is set up a free account, and you’ll be able to host or participate in video calls on-the-go!

Is it secure to share screen online? takes security seriously, and so we encrypt ALL the data from video calls—even on a video conference on iPhone or Android. Recorded calls are converted to secure files accessible only by the meeting host (unless the host decides to share a specific recording).

How to setup a conference call on iPhone

Just download the iOS app, create an account, and you can host or participate in a call anytime, anywhere.

How to make conference call on Android

Just download the app for Android devices, create an account, and you can host or participate in a call anytime, anywhere.

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