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Missed.com is the One Online Tutoring Software Tutors Need

Access the single suite of tools you need to grow your business and stress less

Video calls

Missed.com is perfect for one-on-one lessons and group classes with up to 15 students

Integrated booking link

Share the booking link set to your availability and preferences for 24/7 booking

Better teaching tools

Integrated audio-rich tools like an interactive whiteboard take your lessons to the next level

Document management

Share documents in the cloud where multiple users can access and edit them at once

Seamless Online Tools for Tutors

Teach more

Save time every day with a self-sustaining, automated booking process (and spend less time in the weeds of endless emails and paper shuffling)

Get paid on time

Keep accounting up-to-date with payment processing built into any booking workflow, plus the power to invoice and collect payment in a click

Real-time calendar updates

Control your availability with customizable lead times, buffer times, and real-time calendar updates via a personalized booking link

Multiplayer whiteboard

Get more teaching done with the built-in engagement tools like the multiplayer whiteboard, in-call chat, document sharing and more

Enhanced Visibility for Your Business

Your personalized booking link

Manage availability and lead times with a unique booking link—your integrated calendar even shows real-time updates as soon as someone reschedules

Customizable lesson reminders

Set up custom reminders and course sign-up confirmations to go out automatically to students and curtail no-shows

Manage your student database

With student notes and records stored on Missed.com, this tool for tutors is the one place to log into for total independence for your business

Stress less with multi-device access

You have a choice of using the Missed.com mobile apps (for Android or iOS) or the web-based app—deliver classes and manage clients from absolutely anywhere

Future-Proof Class Delivery

HD video conferencing

Host HD video calls from your Missed.com account by launching directly from your integrated calendar (with no cap on the number or length of calls)

Streamlined billing and invoices

Process payments securely on Missed.com or integrate automatic billing into your scheduling workflow—even send invoices from the app and organize billing records

Multi-device screensharing

Screensharing is available from any device, too—share your desktop, tablet or smartphone screen, or switch between devices during a class

24/7 flexibility

With secure invoicing built in plus a booking link live with real-time updates, your students enjoy 24/7 service and complete flexibility

Manage Your Students

Collect clients and manage them easily in your “mini-CRM” on Missed.com. From registration to pay records and coursework, you’ll track student progress without shuffling a single paper.

Audio-Visual Rich Instruction for Greater Engagement

Set the bar for better education

Set yourself apart by giving a better experience and keeping students engaged with a suite of cutting-edge tools at your fingertips

Recorded classes

Give students more options and grow your business with recorded lessons set up as evergreen webinars

Document sharing and interactive tools

Take your classes to the next level with engaging lessons built around live-edit shared documents and a multiple-player whiteboard

Multi-device screensharing

Even screensharing is available from any device—share your desktop, tablet or smartphone’s screen, or switch between devices during a lesson

Why Tutors Love Missed.com

You don’t have to worry about scheduling classes time with your students. Missed.com is a flexible and scalable online tutoring scheduling platform, which allows you to manage each one-off session and repeat classes, too. You can create, reschedule, cancel sessions at any convenient time and generate a Booking link, which will allow students to book you only at your availability.

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