We’re a fully flexible remote team with a mission to enable other remote teams

We built Missed.com as the product to meet remote work needs in a new way. With a slicker user experience and enhanced integrations, this suite of digital tools is the result.

100k+ users trust Missed worldwide

10+ years
of experience in digital software development

We know what problems businesses and employees face when working remotely. We faced the same problems as we managed our own projects on a fully remote basis.

Our Mission

We believe you should be able to work from anywhere, and Missed.com was built to give you that flexibility. It’s about more than freedom - it’s the new normal, and your remote tools make the difference in how work gets done.

It’s our mission to empower businesses and individuals to easily work from anywhere, with anyone, and for every purpose.

I’ve been managing remote and distributed team since 2005. Missed.com is one stop solution for remote consultants, teleschoolings and other remote industries.

Bobir Akilkhanov Founder & CEO

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