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It's Fast & Free is the intuitive videoconferencing tool everyone needs

It really is as simple as it looks. has the effortless interface where you can easily join and host video calls. Your next videoconference is as simple as creating an account right here on Get started in just a few clicks!

Face-to-face meetings and the delivery of services are now streamlined on your free video call app makes meetings a breeze. Bring your business ideas to life with the easiest and most integrated “business as usual” you can imagine. Enjoy all the features of the free videoconferencing app, including:

In-Call Chat

Your call attendees can share links and leave comments throughout the call in the integrated in-call chat.

Unique Room Links

Create unique links for “rooms” on your account to manage who joins your calls via which link.

Screen Sharing

Share your whole screen, a specific browser tab, or even the screen of your phone using real-time screensharing.


Make collaboration more impactful with the integrated multi-player whiteboard for brainstorms and presentations.

The key is hassle-free houses a suite of remote work tools that integrate seamlessly into the free video conferencing module. Our goal is to make work as friction-free as possible so that bigger, better things can happen in the world. Get started with a free account today.

The ease of dial-in

You can invite callers to dial in directly while you’re inside your video call. This enables callers to participate, no matter where they are—even for busy clients who are on the move can jump right onto a live call.

Caller controls

You can host up to eight participants in your free video calls, so caller controls are a must. Use features like the “mute all” button to easily manage who has the floor.

Videoconference recordings

Whether you’re recording a video call for your records or for posterity, all secure calls on can be recorded and stored in the cloud at the click of a button.

Payment processing

Once a video call wraps up, you can send a final invoice to customers and have payments processed securely without any admin work from you. You can set video calls to pre-bill, too.

Security matters

With all the video call data, payment details and more that are processed over video calls, believes in tight security. We encrypt all the data that passes through our app so you can do business with confidence.

How videoconferencing works

Create an account

Sign up on any browser or download the video conference app for iOS or Android. It’s free, and account set-up takes minutes.

Book an appointment

Once you’ve created your account, add an appointment to your calendar and send the invitation to your call attendee(s). The video call is updated automatically to your calendar.

Launch the video call

Once it’s time for your call, launch the videoconference from its dedicated Room in your account.

Wrap up

After your video call is complete, easily add client notes or send a final invoice to your customer for secure payment processing.

Businesses benefit big time from free videoconferencing

Businesses around the world have seen how efficient they are with videoconferencing. Some of the biggest boons to your business on include:

Secure collaboration

Colleagues and clients are able to collaborate seamlessly together—and without any concern for security with encryption and account protection.

Increased productivity

Video calls put a quash on the notorious “multitasking” of conference calls. Look clients and colleagues straight in the eye to stay engaged in real-time video calls.

Reachable anywhere

Your business and client base expand with videoconferences because you connect with people anywhere in the world. You also keep meetings while you’re on the go.

Stay connected

Videoconferencing helps teams feel more connected and client relationships feel deeper. Use the interactive tools on for added collaboration.

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