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Scheduling & Videoconference Solution for Consultants

Access the single suite of tools you need to boost your business


Host HD calls with up to 15 users

Personal booking link

Set availability, buffer and lead times, then let your schedule run itself

Audio-rich tools

Run meetings with new-gen tools to create an unforgettable experience

Document sharing

Manage documents for slick delivery and easy collaboration in the cloud

One Login, Countless Benefits

Boost your business bookings

Any type of consultancy hungry to share expertise and insights with more clients will benefit from the self-sustaining, automated booking workflow on

Get paid on time

Your payment processing can take a fraction of the time with secure payments made possible at the time of booking (without action from you), or directly in the app

Real-time calendar integrations

Your calendar is synced to your booking link with availability kept up-to-date in real time—protect your calendar with customized lead and buffer times, too

Better meetings

Audio-visual and interactive tools like a multiplayer whiteboard, in-call chat, document sharing and screensharing are built into your video calls on

Grow Your Consulting Business

One-on-one and multiple attendee calls HD video calls allow up to 15 participants with no limit on the number of calls you launch or their length

Around-the-clock self-booking

Your clients enjoy 24/7 access to your booking link to schedule any available time (according to the rules and buffers you set up)

Process payments securely

Collect payments as part of your appointment booking workflow (before a call is even scheduled), or send invoices and process payments directly inside the app

Stress less with multi-device access

Boost your business with the flexibility to login from anywhere using the mobile apps for Android or iOS or the web-based platform

Future-Proof Your Business

Videos in HD

Video calls hosted on are high-definition (HD) and encrypted so you can provide consultation that’s both high-quality and secure

Access your calendar on-the-go

Access your calendar from a client’s office, a networking event, at home or on-the-go—you can launch your video calls in a click from your calendar workspace, too

So long, no-shows

With customizable confirmations and reminders sent out to attendees, plus clients’ flexibility to reschedule in a click, you don’t need to stress about no-shows anymore

New delivery models

Consultants have to be especially adaptable, and with, new delivery models are made possible including live online group sessions and recorded on-demand videos

No Matter What Kind of Office…

No matter what kind of office you’re—big or small, start-up or long-standing, local or remote—we designed the perfect platform to streamline your online appointments.

More Engaging Business Calls

The all-in-one solution for consultants

Consultants dominate the online client experience with’s suite of interactive tools at their fingertips

Customize in a click

Customizations like booking lead and buffer times, payment requirements, rescheduling rules, confirmations and notifications are all as easy as pie on

Document sharing

Real-time multiplayer document sharing and other interactive tools take your calls to the next level with faster and more effective collaboration

Multi-device screensharing

From your desktop to your smartphone, screensharing is easy from any device, too, even if you switch devices mid-call

Why Consultants Love

Managing your schedule is now as easy as sharing a personal booking link. No more back-and-forth emails, double bookings or shuffling papers, no more time wasted texting and checking social networks’ DM’s with your customers. Once you fill out your schedule and start adding appointments, you will see your life is about to change drastically.

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