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Key Features

Browser, iOS and Android apps

Access your account and all its integrated tools wherever you have internet

Instant booking system setup

From client-facing funnels to internal processes, enhance systems instantly with a suite of tools in your browser or mobile app

One solution for multiple tools

No more juggling logins for Calendly, Zoom, Google Calendar, PayPal and Dropbox— does it all

Secure payment processing

Process payments securely right on, too—you can even generate and manage invoices

Remote Consulting Work Teams

Corporate offices (with employees on-site or working remotely) benefit in a big way from the scalable tools on Set up as many users as you need for instant access to unique booking links, videoconferencing spaces, multi-player whiteboards and more. These tools all come together on Just think… you could make your legacy at the office improved processes with one straightforward piece of software. was designed to help businesses in multiple ways:

  • Promote collaboration using document sharing and video calls
  • Reduce costs by onboarding staff with one digital solution instead of five
  • Manage your company schedule and make calls and meetings easier

CRM System


Financial System

Healthcare & Medical Systems

The design of is rooted in efficiencies. We figured, it makes more sense to integrate your video calls, scheduling links, document sharing and collaboration spaces together because ultimately they’re used together.

Healthcare is an industry where efficiencies are needed more than ever. was built with HIPAA-grade security in mind to ensure that health professionals can use the tool with confidence.

  • Control your health providers and services
  • All video calls are encrypted, enabling health providers to offer telemedicine
  • Process payments securely on
  • Provider availability and staff schedules are more easily managed, too



Private Practice

Group Practice

Healthcare Providers

Tutors, Teachers & Learning Centers

The tools available to educators are often what make or break classroom engagement. As students age up, it’s also tools that make the difference while subject matters grow more complex and specialized. Without the right tools, education suffers at all levels.

Educators of all types—from grade school teachers to freelance tutors—benefit from the simple scheduling, collaborative video calls, payment processing and course delivery tools that are housed together on

  • Manage your schedule in the same place you make video calls
  • Process payments securely on the same platform, too
  • Use multi-player whiteboards and other tools to keep students engaged



Parent Meetings

Courses & Webinars

Beauty Salons & Personal Care

There’s no better way to deliver beauty evaluations and consultations online than through a platform built with video calls, integrated scheduling and interactive tools in one place. Use the online booking system to manage your calendar, and enjoy the HD video calls for the delivery of your services. makes life easier and provides a seamless experience for clients from scheduling to payments and appointment.

  • Set automated appointment reminders for yourself and for clients
  • The online booking system makes sharing services easy across channels
  • One-time and recurring invoices can be generated and managed here, too

Hair Salons

Spa Salons


Nail Salons

Eyelash Extensions

Waxing Salons

Online Fitness & Yoga Trainers

Personal training and fitness have seen an extraordinary online boom since the start of 2020 and it’s all most fitness professionals can do to keep up. is the scalable solution for trainers, instructors and even whole gyms to deliver their courses and consultations online.

With all the necessary tools on one platform, is the easy-adoption video conferencing and automation toolbox for fitness professionals.

  • Manage a recurring calendar of live classes and webinars
  • Easily update your availability within the same booking link
  • Process one-time and recurring payments securely on the app


Freelancing has been trending up for the better part of a decade. Through the internet, professionals can now connect with clients from any corner of the world. It’s easier than ever to find independent web designers, graphic artists, and even operational professionals like HR and salespeople.

With over 50 million freelancers in the U.S. alone, these folks need the online tools to make their business model possible. That includes video calls, invoicing, and collaborative spaces like an interactive whiteboard (at the very least). offers this and more for freelancers.

  • Use just like a CRM to track client payments and subscriptions
  • Easily manage your calendar and booking availability in real-time
  • Set automatic reminders for clients (and for yourself)