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Create recurring appointments with personalized rules

You can set appointments to repeat daily, weekly or monthly on Use personalized rules with a start or end date for added convenience. Make your life easier and give your clients an added sense of confidence with pre-booked appointments already on their calendars.

Use your free personal booking link to manage all your video calls

Your booking link, integrated calendar and recurring appointments settings come together in a suite of remote tools on Other features include:

Call Notifications

Personalize your email and SMS notifications so call attendees get exactly the confirmations and reminders you want to send.

Accept Payments

Along with booking recurring appointments, you can book recurring payments, too. Process client payments securely right on the app.

Client Admin

Easily view your call history, shared documents, payments, invoices, previous and upcoming calls with clients on

Manage Bookings

Recurring appointments, one-time calls, and every other meeting are easy to manage on with your live booking link and integrated calendar.

Business owners doing more business

When you create an appointment on, you’re one click away from creating a rule for that meeting to recur daily, weekly, or monthly. Businesspeople with fixed schedules save time and effort and give their clients the privilege of easier meeting management.

Get more appointments

With flexible booking options and robust personalizations, provides you with the personalized booking link and scheduling options you need to manage appointments better than ever. Share your booking link everywhere and more easily manage calls as they come in.

One app with multiple booking types

Set group calls, webinars, or one-on-one appointments as recurring meetings. Every attendee booked for a call will benefit from the convenience of calls pre-booked on their calendar. You’ll come off as the Super Scheduler.

Security matters believes security is even more important when dealing with multiple people’s calendars. We encrypt all the data that crosses through the app so you can use it for business and life with the confidence you deserve.

Customized scheduling experience

You control the whole experience when someone schedules a call on your booking link. You can choose what confirmations and communications go out, require payment at the time of booking, and easily set lead and buffer times. Set it up once, and you never have to think about meeting management again.

Cross-device control

You can manage your recurring meetings and set or adjust rules from any device. Just log into the app or access your account from any browser.

How recurring appointments work

Create an account

Download the video conference app for iOS or Android or sign up via any desktop or mobile browser. It’s free, and account set-up takes just a few minutes.

Book an appointment

Once you’ve created your free account, add an appointment to your calendar and create a rule for it to repeat daily, weekly or monthly.

Enjoy flexibility

You can update your recurring appointment, add a start or stop date, and keep your attendees up-to-date with real-time changes.

What businesses benefit from recurring appointments?

Any business with a fixed client schedule benefits in a big way from managing recurring appointments on Some of the industries we serve include:


Psychologists and counselors provide services based totally on recurring appointments. Professionals and their clients benefit from the ease and security of pre-booked recurring appointments.


Teachers, tutors, and other instructors easily manage recurring one-on-one and group classes on A whole course can be planned out and scheduled with a start and stop date, too.

Fitness Trainers

Fitness coaches, personal trainers, and instructors manage classes and training using the personalized appointment rules on Delivery of these services has never been easier.

Sales Professionals

Every sales professional has to manage a dynamic calendar to meet with leads. The option to set recurring meetings to check in with existing clients is how these businesses gain even greater traction.

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