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Work as a team no matter where you are

The interactive whiteboard on makes it feel like you and your collaborators are in the same room, even when you’re spread across time zones. Use the whiteboard for presentations or as a shared space to hash out ideas. The whiteboard is integrated right into with the rest of our remote tools, too, so you can chat together, launch video calls and more.

Whiteboard templates give your ideas shape

You can use your digital whiteboard as a blank slate, or you can work off existing templates to streamline your projects. This helps organize and fuse information into plans you can really do something with.

Business canvas

Use the business canvas to organize and prioritize team to-dos. This makes project management easier and more effective than ever.


You already have a video call calendar on, but your whiteboard can be used for calendars of everything else you’re planning, too.

Pros vs cons outlines

This template is the best thing since sliced bread. Work through the “pros” and “cons” of any decision with multiple users online to edit and add at once.

Other templates, too

There are even more templates on the whiteboard to help you organize ideas and get more done. Sign up and try it for free!

Bring your best ideas to the surface in a shared visual space

Your digital whiteboard is perfect for multi-player collaborations, but you can use it to map out your own ideas, too. The added tools on the whiteboard help you get ideas on proverbial paper to organize them faster. With intuitive whiteboard features like freehand drawing and sticky notes, your best brainstorm is one download away!

Access blank or existing whiteboards

Open a new whiteboard and start from scratch or access existing whiteboards you’ve already built out. You and your collaborators can access previous whiteboards to make long-term and project-based planning easier to pick up whenever you meet.

Control access to boards by URL

Use the unique URL assigned to any whiteboard to invite people easily to the shared space. This means your video conference participants or other collaborators won’t need to create accounts to brainstorm with you on your whiteboard.

Real-time collaborations... for real

When you work together on’s virtual whiteboard, you and your team work synchronously. Changes made by any user are reflected in real-time for all participants

Use sticky-notes and never skip a beat

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler, you discover that the whiteboard has loads of added features like virtual sticky notes you can leave on any open board. No idea is lost when you work with the best audio-visual aids and tools on

Cross-device compatibility and control

The digital whiteboard is accessible on any device just like the rest of the tools on You can work together from your phone, tablet, or computer. Just download the iOS or Android app, or open the whiteboard on your browser. You can even work from multiple devices at once!

How’s multi-player whiteboard works

Create a account

Either download the video conference app for iOS or Android to set your account up there or create a new account from your computer browser.

Open a blank whiteboard

Once you create your free account, you can use the whiteboard right away. Start with a blank board or use one of the available templates.

Enjoy the flexibility of a full video conference call app

When you collaborate on, enjoy all its video call and collaboration tools like mobile screen sharing, in-app payments, call recordings and more.

How successful businesses use virtual whiteboards

Agile businesses surface their best ideas and take faster action using virtual whiteboards and other remote tools on Here are just some of the benefits they enjoy:

HD Video Meetings

The quality of video conference calls on is unbeatable. High-definition video call quality is essential to get the most out of the whiteboard and other remote tools.

Elevated Interactions

Teams stay more engaged and collaborate more fluidly with the audio-visual aids and tools on Gone are the days of silently “multi-tasking” during conference calls!

Document Sharing

Once you fill a whiteboard with great ideas, you can export and save it to the document sharing space on Control permissions and access easily, too.

Secure Data

Whether you use for the video calls, the interactive whiteboard or any other feature, all the data passed through the app is encrypted and secure.

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