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Law firms can finally automate appointment scheduling is the attorney scheduling software and an all-in-one suite of remote tools enabling you to get instant appointments and enhance your services. You can even send invoices, process payments, and manage client records and shared documents in the same place.

Leads become lifelong clients with practice management software

Create a free account and you automatically get a personalized booking link—new leads become lifelong clients with the ease of 24/7 appointment booking system.

Deliver online consultations with video conferencing

Enhance your client relationships with the ease of built-in video conferencing and expand your geographic reach as far as your license allows

Process payments right in your scheduling software

Manage all your consultation invoicing and lawyer billing software right in the app where you can build payments into a booking workflow or process them manually

Automatic notifications and email reminders

Bid adieu to no-shows and double bookings with the automatic notifications for each new appointment and the pre-appointment reminders before each call

One Account, Countless Benefits

Effortless appointment booking system

All you do is share your booking link, and clients and leads can schedule consultations whenever—and from wherever—they need to

Better use of your time

Spend less of your time managing schedules and batting back-and-forth emails to book a call, and use the time you earn back for more billable hours and appointments

Easy rescheduling without the headaches

Whenever clients need to reschedule, the same attorney appointments link allows them to select new available times

Automated notifications and reminders

Whenever a client books or reschedules an appointment, automatic notifications and reminders are triggered to keep everyone on the same page

Get Paid Fast and Securely secure online payments comes with the power to securely process payments while protecting your practice with accounting-compliant protocol

Automated payments within a workflow

Process payments seamlessly—and even automatically—as part of your lawyer appointment workflow when a lead or client schedules an appointment

Multiple fee types for law firms

Set fee types for different lengths or kinds of appointments, and you can manage your accounting and schedule in the same place

Invoice from right inside your legal software

Along with payment processing, also enables you to send and track client invoices right from the app

More Control with More Scheduling Automation

You’ll never accidentally double-book yourself again

Your personalized scheduling link updates real-time whenever someone books a consultation, removing the element of human error from your booking system

You maintain control over your calendar

Even with the self-service appointments link, you retain full control of your calendar by setting personalized buffer and lead times, and more

Good for existing clients and new leads

By managing appointment types, you can easily silo existing clients and new leads into the appropriate category

Offer remote appointments

With this new-gen law calendar software, clients can book online and meet with you from anywhere, adding convenience and maximizing everyone’s time

Ready to Instantly Book Appointments?

Don’t lose one more billable minute with back-and-forth emails confirming available appointment times. Let the booking app for lawyers take care of all the administrative to-dos for your services so you can focus on your customers and what you do best.

24/7 Self-Service for Your Own Clients

Post your booking link everywhere clients are

Share your personalized booking link on social, in emails, and even embedded into your website to offer one-click access to your schedule

Easier reschedules and cancellations

Whenever clients do need to cancel or reschedule or edit their recurring appointments, your self-service booking link allows them to update appointments and select new available times

Sharable legal help

Every client you make a lasting impression on can share your booking link, too, either by forwarding your emails, reposting your social content, or mentioning you as a referral

Mobile device attorney calendar software

Empower each client to schedule with you from any device, including from the iOS app, Android app, or via any browser on mobile or desktop

Key Features for Better Delivery of Legal Services

Document sharing and cloud functions

Enhance your consultations with real-time shared access to documents in the cloud, all the better to share updates with clients and deliver key information

Multiplayer whiteboard

The multiplayer whiteboard is another hyper-interactive tool that can take your consultations to the next level—explaining complex legal concepts has never been easier!

Colleagues and customers share Workspaces

Workspaces are the unique stomping grounds that you can share with your own clients or colleagues to organize meeting times, shared documents, and more

Videoconferencing for law firms

Once online appointments are booked and added automatically to your schedule, you can launch your video calls with clients directly from your calendar

Top Benefits of Lawyer Scheduling Software

No more back-and-forth emails—just the perfect schedule workflow integrated right into your calendar. The calendar is equipped with reminders, notifications, and alerts. makes life easier for you and your clients.

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